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Patented and Patent Pending Tenoroc Nozzle

A. uses the thermodynamic energy of temperature

B. prototype generates massive gravitational force

C. no moving parts

D. makes use of source pressure

E. extremely small size and easily integrated with other technologies

F. low equipment cost

Prototype Removal of Natural Gas Contaminants via The Tenoroc Nozzle

The process and method may pre-cool the gas mix if desirable. The pressure and temperature drop produced by expansion through the Tenoroc nozzle cause the targeted specie (CO2) to change phase/condense thereby increasing its weight/mass. The non-targeted specie (N2 as a safe and similar substitute for natural gas/methane) remains gaseous. The mass difference of the gaseous and condensed phases when exposed to extreme centrifugal forces cause particles of condensate to be forced to the outer wall of the nozzle and the lighter, gaseous phase moves toward the inside. The different phases (gas and liquid) are divided via a skimmer as they exit the nozzle. The gravitational force generated can be in the multiple millions, depending upon the size of the nozzle.

The mix may be pre-cooled.


  • Yellow=Ambient
  • Green=Colder
  • Aqua=Colder still
  • Red=CO2
  • Deep Blue=N2

For demonstration/lab purposes mixes of 80/20 or 70/30 percent N2/CO2 were used.

The temperature drop that occurs in the nozzle achieves preferential condensation of the targeted specie, carbon dioxide. Gravitational forces cause carbon dioxide particles to coalesce against the outer wall forming a thin film of condensate.



The film of the condensed target specie (CO2) leaves the nozzle at the skimmer location. The separated CO2 can be used as a cooling media and may be gathered for sequestration or reinjection. If required, various cooling methods, other than the auto-refrigeration method shown, may be used for the purpose of pre-cooling the mix. For demonstration/lab purposes mixes of 80/20 and 70/30 percent nitrogen/CO2 and 70/30 argon/CO2 were used. Nitrogen is similar to natural gas/methane and is safe to work with.

Nozzle Performance Results and Status:

The method and processes have been developed by Tenoroc, LLC via a working bench top prototype, CFD profiles, and thermodynamic modeling of gas mixtures. Scale up in size has no apparent challenges.

The Tenoroc nozzle was able to remove 27.5% of the CO2 from an 80/20 N2/CO2 test gas mix in a single pass through the nozzle,, a remarkable efficiency level given that it was operating at only 2.8 percent of the appropriate aspect ratio. *The nozzle was extremely choked.

Further testing confirmed that increasing the aspect ratio slightly, but far short of the appropriate level, improved separation levels by 50% and reduced operating pressure requirements by over 50%. We believe further increases of the aspect ratio, to an appropriate level, could drastically improve separation levels while massively reducing operating pressure requirements. The Tenoroc nozzle could be a game changer.

*Note: Testing the nozzle with an inadequate aspect ratio resulted from an inability to supply sufficient volumes of gas which would have been required by a larger aspect ratio due to its increased throughput capacity..

Tenoroc LLC’s Goal:

To place this technology with the correct industry partner

The correct partner should:

have the in-house resources (i.e. Computational Fluid Dynamics) to verify our results,
confirm how much better the nozzle will operate with an adequate aspect ratio,
and further develop the Tenoroc technology.