Simply stated; Tenoroc's nozzle technology is a method of separating gases in a mix by changing only one of them to a liquid that is heavier than the remaining gas.

The way the process works is that the gas with the higher condensation temperature will liquefy before the other gas. At the same time the curve in the nozzle creates massive gravitational force and separates the liquid (one gas), which is heavier, from the remaining gas. Thus, the gases are separated from one another.

In refrigeration and other thermodynamic applications, when the refrigerant or working fluid is at a point in the process where it has become a gas and needs to be re-condensed, into a liquid so that the cycle can repeat again, the Tenoroc nozzle, like any other nozzle, performs this function via expansion. However, keeping the refrigerant's gas and liquid phases separated during the expansion process is what sets it apart from all others. This simultaneous expansion and phase separation provides high quality pure liquid refrigerant rather than a mix of gas and liquid and is the cornerstone for game changing system improvements.